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CAD Services

High resolution black and white prints are available on Paper and Film. We provide CAD Plotting onto PPC Bond paper, Vellum, Mylar and clear Film from customers' files.
ODI supports the following files formats. TIFF, PDF, CALS ,PLT

Customers can submit files to us on CD-ROM, Zip Disk, in 100 Gb or 200 Gb and E-Mail or call us on 415 652 8652 for more detailed directions and information. Individual Home Owners can submit their conventional Plans drawn on paper to us and we will scan and convert these to PDF/TIFF files and store them for future reference for a small fee, or we can burn a CD/DVD to keep at your disposal 24/7.

ODI IN YOUR OFFICE ( Office Printing and Copying Supplies)
Yes, delivered to your door step! We go a step further to install our copying machines in your Office, School, Hospital or at a temporary Work Site in any location of your choice along with the necessary supplies such as Paper Sheets, Paper Rolls, Toner, Ink Jet Cartridges etc., We will also have the equipment duly serviced thus eliminating additional communication and transport charges and saving valuable time for our customers to concentrate more on their core business activities. ODI is a preferred reseller of OCE`, Xerox and HP products and you can take advantage of our bulk buying power to obtain the best suited Equipment /Accessories at very economical rates. Having provided with all these we simply charge you by the number of copies you make. It is that simple! Call us to get more details or if you need a tailor made solution to suit your requirements.






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