OMNI Digital Imaging


A Reprographics Company


    oLarge Document Copying - Variable enlargement and Reduction

    oHigh Speed Duplication - Sizes up to 11"x17", Full Service Bindery, Tabs and Covers

    oCad Plotting - Bond Vellum and Mylar Prints; EcoPrint - Multiple prints on Bond from digital files; Environmentally friendly

    oEcoCopy - Multiple prints on bond paper from hard copy originals; Environmentally friendly

    oColor Cad - large or small format color prints from CAD files

    oColor Laser Copying - Prints from flat art or color slides/IPU

    oFiery Prints- High quality color prints from digital files up to 11"x17"

    oLarge Format Color Prints - Color Ink Jet plotting up to 42" wide

    oCustom Mounting and Laminating - Mount on Foam core/Gator board, Laminate Gloss/Matte

    oLibrary Management System - Bid Distribution Services


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